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So you’ve got the PPC campaign running, you’re receiving calls and getting some orders, but how do you analyse whether these customers are coming from this campaign if you’ve got so many other advertising campaigns like newspapers, van signage and PPC? How can you see what is getting you the best ROI? Even better where your customers are coming from and much more.

Introducing Call Tracking from Freestart . . .

  • Improve your conversion rate.
  • Stop wasting money on ineffective ads – clearly see where you are making money from spending money.
  • See which adverts generate the best leads.
  • Discover your most profitable campaigns.
  • Get missed call email notifications – if you’re not in – know if you’ve missed an opportunity.
  • Know where people are calling you from.
  • Track call conversions in Google Analytics.
  • Track trends in your market.
  • Get access to call recordings.
  • Identify staffing problems.
  • Works with your existing phone system.

What happens when I get set up?

When you are set up you get the use of a certain quantity of tracking numbers depending on the package purchased. These tracking numbers are linked to your normal telephone number. You can display these numbers for customers to call on your various advertisements.

So how does the process work?

  1. Your prospect sees the number on one of your advertisements
  2. The prospect calls the tracking number on your advert
  3. The call goes to your existing business number
  4. Your employee then adds whether it is a sale by using their phone at the time of the call
  5. Access the analysis information anytime from the Freestart Call Monitoring web log on.
  6. You can review items such as the number of calls generated to this number, where in the UK or Ireland they called from, what sales you have achieved and listen to the call recrodings. Therefore seeing exactly where your marketing money is being best spent.

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